Cup Of Water

Film Category: Grounded 2020
Country of Production: India
Director: Manish Gupta
Running Time: 2 mins 27

A boy going to school, it’s a very hot day. He walk on street, there is a small bird fly on sky she is searching for Water. She is search everywhere on street but she didn’t find water anywhere. After a long time bird didn’t find water so she faint on ground. The boy sees this and he gives some water in container. Bird wake up and take the container and fly in sky when she fly some water fell on ground, after travel a long distance all the water fell on ground. She is not able to take water for their children. Boy watches all action done by bird, he is feeling very bad. He opens the water bottle and gives water. We see some other bird also come and drink water. Boy is very happy to see all the bird drink water. Moral : Keep Water For Animals