Films selected for presentation at the Marbella Film Festival are primarily representative of independent cinematographers.

 The Marbella Film Festival aims to provide a platform for upcoming directors and producers across international boundaries to showcase their talent through their artistic technique, approach and passion towards the world of cinema.

 All films chosen for exhibition must display the highest levels of artistic and technical quality. The Artists who create the film reserve the right to their artistic license, and have full liberty with regards to social, political, artistic and intellectual subject matter.

 All countries and cultures are invited to submit their work to the Marbella Film Festival.  The vast variety of work from east and west filmmakers forms a fellowship of film culture, unique to the Marbella Film Festival.

 While all cultures and languages are welcome to submit, a large portion of films submissions accepted are from English, Spanish, Arabic, French and Italian speaking countries.  These films represent cultures as diverse as Caribbean to Scandinavian, Persian to Portuguese, Irish to Indian and much more.  The diversity of cultures, which mingle in Marbella, unifies a multitude of nations and languages.  Indeed, the objective of the festival is to encourage multi cultural art.

 Whenever possible, each film is introduced by a director, producer, or someone involved in the film’s production.  This introduction will provide a background on the film’s development and objectives.

 Awards to the best films of certain categories will be presented to a chosen representative of the winning film at the festival awards ceremony.  The festival awards ceremony promises to be a prestigious Marbella Film Festival event, complete with press coverage and eager patrons.

 For more information about submissions, technical requirements and application forms, please visit submissions