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Marbella International Film Festival is pleased to announce the 2020 MIFF Global Film Challenge  is coming soon.

The event, which is organized by MIFF in association with New World Trust, offers a great opportunity for filmmakers to add to their credits and demonstrate their talent to world audiences.

Over the past fourteen years, the MIFF Film Challenge has attracted many talented filmmakers, who have created some outstanding work, all scripted, shot, edited, and submitted for screening in only 24 hours.

This year, the Festival’s aim is to increase participation to this exciting event by offering the challenge on-line, as well as on-location, thus allowing filmmakers from all over the world to make movies and show off their talent by participating in this exciting event.

What is it?

Your Task Should You decide to Accept The Challenge…

The filmmaker, with the cast and the crew, (or just alone with a camera and laptop!) is challenged to make a three to four minute short film on a given subject matter.  The task is to write a script, direct the actors, shoot the film, edit, sound and music, and deliver the film in 24 hours.

The on-line participants would receive their instructions for the challenge at the same time, via dedicated email, and must deliver their film within 24 hours as a file attachment to the challenge administrators.

Each team receives a different subject matter and specified tasks to complete, thus making the challenge a real time event.
There will be support teams available to help and advise the participants prior to and throughout the challenge period if required.

The prestigious MIFF Global Film Challenge Award will be offered to the best film. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Over the years, many participants of the MIFF Global Film Challenge have discovered this event to be a most helpful platform to promote their future work.  The challenge is a fast and effective way of adding to credits, creating a showreel for actors, crew and the production team.

Participants have succeeded in achieving international recognition on the back of association with this prestigious Film Festival and not to mention the opportunity of networking with some of the most talented international film professionals.

The registration fee for applications is £175-00 per team.

The early bird reduced fee of £125-00 per team will be applicable for all applications registered before 1st of September 2020.

For those filmmakers who wish to attend the October festival in person and participate in the challenge on location, there is a subsidised package for accommodation and accreditations for the festival details available on request from info@marbellafilmfestival.com .

Past Winners & Notable Entries

CORTOMETRAJE GANADOR 24 Hour Film Challenge 2010 Winner

24 Hour Film Challenge 2010 Runner Up

The Beaming – 24 Hour Film Challenge 2011 Joint Winner

Missing Delegate – 24 Hour Film Challenge 2011 Joint Winner

Should you need further information, have any questions, or simply wish to contact us, please use the details provided on our contact page.

Rules and Regulations – MIFF Global Film Challenge

You can download the full rules and regulations via the link below:

Entry Form