Best Animations

Nominations for the best Animations

1. Los Rosales
Director: Daniel Ferreira
From: Italy
2. The Dream of Grandmaster
Director: Jorge M. Rodrigo
From: Spain
3. Theodor The Wolf
Director: David Tromba
From: Italy

Winner: Best Animation

The Dream of the Grandmaster

Country of production: Spain
Year of production: 2014
Director: Jorge M. Rodrigo
Length of film: 20 min

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They always say us that we have to chase a dream but what if our dreams are those who persecute us?


Siempre nos dicen que hay que perseguir un sueño pero… ¿qué pasa si son nuestros sueños los que nos persiguen a nosotros?

Best Shorter Short

Nominations for the best Shorter Short

1. A Sea Tail.
Director: Dario Di Viesto
From: Italy
2. First Love Limited Edition
Director: C. K Chow
From: Hong Kong
3. V. H. S
Director: Lucas Coimbra
From: Brazil

Winner: Best Shorter Short

A Sea Tail

Country of production: Italy
Language: Italian with English subtiltes
Year of production: 2014
Director: Dario Di Viesto
Length of film: 8 min

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An old sick fisherman has not gotten out of his home since a long time. A friend brings him a fish he has just caught. While the man is cleaning the fish he finds in its bowels a little fish that is still alive. What is he going to do with it?


Un anciano pescador que hace mucho tiempo que no sale de su casa recibe la visita de un amigo que le trae un pez recién pescado. Mientras que está limpiándolo, encuentra en su interior otro pez aun con vida. ¿Qué hará el anciano con el pez vivo?

Best Short

Nominations for the best Short

1. Picture Perfect
Director: Irina Izmesteiva
From: UK
2. Arrangement of Thorns
Director: Chris Davis & Julian Lambert
From: UK
3. 5 ways 2 Die
Director: Daina Papadaki
From: Cyprus

Winner: Best Short

5 Ways 2 Die

Country of production: Cyprus
Language: Greek with English subtitles
Year of production: 2014
Director: Daina Papadaki
Length of film: 16 min 

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Makis explores different ways of death, struggling to achieve the most ideal result.


Makis experimenta con diferentes formas de morir, intentando descubrir cuál de todas ellas es la ideal.

Best Documentary

Nominations for the best Documentary

1. Ice Bear
Director: Oliver Parker
From: UK
2. Zero Tolerance
Director: Sarah Gibbings
From: Spain
3. Positive Hell
Director: Andi Reiss
From: UK

Winner: Best Documentary

Ice Bear

Country of production: UK
Language: English with Spanish subtitles
Year of production: 2014
Director: Oliver Parker
Length of film: 59 mins

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Sculptor Mark Coreth captures the essence of the Arctic in the form of a life-sized ice-sculpture of a polar bear for Trafalgar Square. As it melts, it leaves a skeleton, a pool of water and a powerful environmental message.


El escultor Mark Coreth captura la esencia del Ártico en la escultura de hielo de un oso polar en la Trafalgar Square. Según se va derritiendo, va dejando ver el esqueleto, una piscina de agua y un brutal mensaje medioambiental.

Best Feature Film

Nominations for the best Feature Film

1. Wingman
Director: Jim Garrison
From: Canada
2. Almost Married
Director: Ben Cookson
From: UK
3. Si-o-Se Pol
Director: Henrik Peschel
From : Germany

Winner: Best Feature Film

Almost Married

Country of production: UK
Language: English
Year of production: 2014
Director: Ben Cookson
Length of film: 97 min

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When Kyle returns from his stag-do with a sexually transmitted disease he’s left unable to have sex with his fiancée in the run-up to their wedding.  With advice from Jarvis, his best man and only confidant, Kyle does everything he can to avoid any form of sexual contact with his bride-to-be.


Cuando Kyle regresa de su despedida de soltero con una enfermedad de transmisión sexual, se siente incapaz de tener relaciones sexuales con su pareja los días previos a la boda. Aconsejado por su amigo Jarvis, Kyle hace todo lo posible para evitar cualquier tipo de contacto sexual con su prometida.

Information for the festival screenings and events can be found below and you can navigate individual sections using the tabs (above) to see the films in greater detail including trailers. Alternatively, please click here to view/download the program in PDF format.

Screening & Events Program

Wednesday 1st October

Venue: Palace The Congress, Marbella.

Screen one:


Original title: 05.RED.04.CLAY
Title in English: 05.RED.04.CLAY
Country of production: Argentina
Director: Milos Twilight
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Running time: 99 min


Original title: Pied piper
Title in English: Pied piper
Country of production: India
Director: Vivek Budakoti
Language: Indian with English subtitles
Running time: 113min


Be Free: Gay & Lesbian Films

Berlin Angel (20 mins, Germany)
Electric Indigo (24 mins, Belgium)
Sin Love (15 mins, Spain)

Screen two:


Group A:

S22. Original title: Ruslan
Title in English: Ruslan
Country of production: Germany/ Russia& UK
Director: Taisia Deeva
Language: Russian with English subtitles
Running time: 10 min

S1. Original title: 41° Parallelo
Country of production: Italy
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Running time: 21 min

A2. Original title: Lupo Teodoro
Title in English: Theodor the Wolf
Country of production: Italy
Director: Davide Tromba
Running time: 4 min

S4. Original title: ANNIVERSARY WALTZ
Country of production: UK
Language: English
Running time: 14 min

S19. Original title: Four tails
Title in English: Four tails
Country of production: UK
Director: Christopher Villiers
Language: English
Running time: 25 min

S23. Original title: Piccola storia di mare
Title in English: A sea Tale
Country of production: Italy
Language: Italian with English subtitle
Running time