Best Feature 2013


• I’m Dating You Not
• A Soft Cent of Cinnamon
• Sardonic Smile


I’m Dating You Not

Country of production: Spain
Language: Spanish
Year of production: 2013
Director: Guillermo Groizard
Length of film: 77 min


Synopsis: Roberto is into Paula. Paula is not into Roberto. Paula is actually into her ex-boyfriend, Miguel. Roberto’s ex-girlfriend, Silvia, is trying to get back with him… what a mess! Why should it be so complicated to get a date with your colleague? An hilarious romantic comedy about how to convince someone that you’re the love of their life.

Sinopsis: A Roberto le gusta Paula. A Paula no le gusta Roberto. A Paula actualmente le gusta su ex novio Miguel. La ex novia de Roberto, Silvia, está intentando que vuelva con él… Menuda leonera!!! ¿Por qué es tan complicado tener una cita con tu amigo? Una comedia romántica hilarante sobre cómo convencer a alguien de que tú eres el amor de su vida. 

Best Documentary 2013


• The Speed of Orange
• Social Business
• A New Path For Capitalism
• My Way


The Speed of Orange

Country of production: USA
Language: English
Year of production: 2013
Director: Justin Hunt
Length of film: 85 min


Synopsis: From acclaimed storyteller Justin Hunt (Absent, American Meth) comes the gritty, yet endearing, story of GHL, an entity that dominated the world of quarter horse racing in the 1970s. Unprecedented access and unparalleled POV footage gives you the real ride of a lifetime while offering up a view of everyday life on the backside and an intimate, sometimes humorous, look at an ordinary family living, and dying, in an extraordinary world.

Sinopsis: La adorable y valiente historia de GHL, un ser que dominaba el mundo de las carreras de caballos en los años 70. Acceso sin precedentes e incomparable rodaje que te da, mira hacia la vida y muerte de una extraordinaria familia en un mundo extraordinario. 

Best Short Film 2013


• Berlin Angels
• Change of Faith
• Illness


Berlin Angels

Country of production: Germany
Language: German
Year of production: 2013
Director: Jens Roth
Length of film: 20 min


Synopsis: Carnival of The Cultures’ in Berlin: A charismatic duo comprised of a gay rent-boy and a female fashion freak from Canada, meet an Afghan who’s just moved to Berlin. Both want to seduce him and approach him under the pretence of being angels offering to fulfil three wishes to make him happy. A decadent game turns into a deep encounter.

Sinopsis: Carnaval de Culturas en Berlin: Un carismático dúo compuesto por un chapero y una canadiense freak de la moda se encuentran con un afgano que se acaba de mudar a Berlín. Los dos quieren seducirle y acercarse a él bajo el pretexto de ser ángeles que le ofrecen cumplir 3 deseos para ser feliz. Un juego decadente que se transforma en un profundo encuentro. 

Best Shorter Short 2013


• Dream in Their Eyes
• Crocodiles Without Saddles
• Alchemy


Dream in Their Eyes

Country of production: United Arab Emirates
Language: Arabic
Year of production: 2012
Director: Abeer Al Marzouqi
Length of film: 20 min


Synopsis: This documentary chronicles the lives of three children in the refugee camps of Lebanon through their relationship with an American volunteer medical mission. The film was directed by three UAE students, the first Emiratis believed to have entered and filmed in the refugee camps. Interviewing several of the 450,000 Palestinians living in the notorious Bourj al Barjeneh, Shatila, Ain Al Helwa, and Bourj Al Shamali refugee camps, all known for their abject poverty and hopelessness.

Sinopsis: Este documental es la crónica de la vida de 3 niños en campos de refugiados del Líbano y su relación con un médico americano en misión humanitaria. El documental fue dirigido por 3 estudiantes de UAE, los primeros emiratíes que han entrado y grabado en campos de refugiados. Entrevistan a varios de los 450.000 palestinos que viven en los campos de Bourj al Barjeneh, Shatila, Ain Al Helwa y Bourj Al Shamali, conocidos por su miserable pobreza y falta de esperanza. 

Information for the festival screenings and events can be found below and you can navigate individual sections using the tabs (above) to see the films in greater detail including trailers. Alternatively, please click here to view/download the program in PDF format.

Screening & Events Program

Wednesday 2nd October

Venue: H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel

10:00  Registration Opens

12:00-14:00 Shorts Group C (98 Min)

  • El Camino (8 min) USA
  • The Bake Free (20 min) Colombia
  • Alchemy (7 min) USA
  • A Change of Faith (18 min) USA
  • Go Up (15 min) Russia
  • Illness (15 min) USA
  • Herzberg (15 min) Germany