Here is the full list of nominations and winners from the 2015 Marbella International Film Festival.


The nominations for the best Animations (Presented by Charles Burns)

1. A Beat in The Forest
2. Bye Bye Dandelion
3. Daewit.

The winner is: Daewit (Received by Svetlana Axford, Director of Antivirus on behalf of the winner)


Country of production: Germany
Language: German
Year of production: 2015
Director: David Jansen
Length of film: 15 minutes

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A wolf child, a cat, an angel. Daewit is rescued from his violent father and grows up far away from his family among wolves. He is released into a world in which he grows from a child to a man weary of life. Embarking on a mysterious journey to find his own identity, he encounters great hardship but ultimately finds peace in forgiveness.


Un niño lobo, un gato, un ángel. Daewit es rescatado de su violento padre y crece lejos de su familia entre una manada de lobos. Él es liberado en un mundo en el que de niño a hombre, la vida le aburre.


The nominations for the best Shorter Shorts (Presented by Ricardo Acevedo Moran the Assistant Director of H10 Andalucía Plaza Hotel)

1. Soledad
2. Party of Two
3. Changed Man

The winner is: Party of Two (Received by the Director of the film Eugenia Llaguno )

Party Of Two

Country of production: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Year of production: 2014
Director: Eugenia Llaguno
Length of film: 14 minutes

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The night of their sixth anniversary, a successful marriage comes together to celebrate and the wife announces its long awaited pregnancy. The husband enraged because of a secret he had kept jealously. Faced with their own lies must decide whether even have a future and if there is hope for them.


La noche de su sexton aniversario, la mujer anuncia su tan esperado embarazo. El marido enfurece a causa de un secreto que había guardado celosamente. Cara a cara con sus propias mentiras, ellos deben decidir si tienen futuro juntos.


The nominations for the best Shorts: (Presented by Allan Bowley, also Allen T. presenter of TRE and Festival Judge)

1. In Another Life
2. Another Love
3. Anti Virus

The winner is: Another Love (Received by the Director of the film Victor Perez )

Another Love

Country of production: UK
Language: English
Year of production: 2015
Director: Victor Perez
Length of film: 20 minutes

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A pregnant married woman struggles to tell a much older man that their affair is over.


Una mujer casada y embarazada lucha por contarle a un hombre mucho mayor que ella que su historia ha terminado.


The nominations for the best Documentary: (Presented by Steven Euesden, Euro Weekly News )

1. Street Kids United
2. Silhouette Secrets
3. CE Trade Mark For Sale

The winner is: Street Kids United (Received by the producer of the film Conrad Alleblas)

Street Kids Untied II Girl From Rio

Country of production: Netherlands/UK/Brazil
Language: Portugese/ English
Year of production: 2015
Director: Maria Clara
Length of film: 1 hour 18 minutes

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Streetkids United II - The Girls From Rio is a documentary film about a life-changing experience for a group of girls from the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, the Favela Street Girls, who are chosen to represent Brazil during the Street Child World Cup 20


Documental sobre la experiencia de las niñas criadas en favelas en Río de Janeiro, quienes son elegidas para representar a Brasil durante la Street Child World Cup 2014.


The nominations for the best Story: (Presented by the TV celebrity and writer Nick Knowles)

1. Far too Far
2. Christmas Star
3. Dark Rome

The winner is: Far Too Far (Received by the writer director of the film Justin Hunt)

Far Too Far

Country of production: USA
Language: English
Year of production: