Awards 2007

Award for Best Animated Film:


Cold Calling, Director: Nick Mackie
Georg wächst (George grows), Director: Martin Schmidt
Coucou Clock, Director: Cailleau Francois

Winner: Coucou Clock

Award for Best Documentary Film:


Afghan Muscles, Director: Andreas M. Dalsgaard
The Forgotten Refugees, Directors: Michael Grynszpan, Ralph Avi Goldwasser
Rojeki Bafri (A Snowy Day), Director: Hossein Jehani

Winner: The Forgotten Refugees

Award for Best Short Film under 5 min:


Back to the fuchsia, Director: Toby Roberts
Fish Can’t Fly, Director: Richard Murphy
I became… , Director: Ms. Arwa Mamaji

Winner: I became…

Award for Best Short Film over 5 min:


El Canto Del Grillo (Song of the Cricket), Director: Dany Campos
Interconnected, Director: Mark Mocahbee
Most (The Bridge), Director: Haris Bilajbegovic

Winner: El Canto Del Grillo

Award for Best Feature Film:


The Doorman, Director: Wayne Price
La Mirada De Clara (Clara’s Gaze), Director: Pablo Torre
Fated (Predestinado), Director: Nicola Scott

Winner: Fated

Shorts 2007

4 Conversations about Love

Country: UK
Year: 2006
Length: 14 min
Director: Jessica Townsend

4 People, 4 Conversations, 4 Lives Changed. A man and a woman make love for the last time in the house in which they meant to raise a family. A father and daughter meet in a cafe for the first time in many years- and at first it feels like a date. A woman tells her girlfriend – the love of her life – that she is unexpectedly pregnant. A tormented stranger finds a woman and her baby and the encounter gives him the chance to confront his past. Four ‘Short Cuts’ style stories dealing with love, loss, and finally, grace.


Country: ITALY
Year: 2006
Length: 15 min
Director: Massimiliano Camaiti

Although his physical appearance remains unchanged, Armando is victim of an increasing fear: to sink, vanishing completely. This morning he woke up weighing 120 kg…


Country: SPAIN
Year: 2005
Length: 15 min
Director: Lluis Quilez Sala

Avatar: 1) Chance event that usually involves a sudden change in the course of something. Change of fortune. 2) Tests someone goes through. 3) Lack of application or alternation of prosperous and adverse events.

Back to the fuchsia / A Fullero Viejo, Flores Nuevas

Country: UK
Year: 2007
Length: 3 min
Director: Toby Roberts

In their garden of love he’s sowing seeds of doubt, laced with jealousy. But she has ripe manure to feed his trust and, hopefully, help their relationship flower.


Country: SPAIN
Year: 2006
Length: 11 min
Director: David Planell

As all teenagers, Ainoa has had an exhausting school day. So this summer, for the first time, she has decided to go on holidays wherever she pleases, and not were her father decides. This is how father and daughter get into a long, tense and definitive discussion where the girls holidays in fact uncover certain issues that were not intended.

Conscious Life

Country: UK
Year: 2007
Length: 4 min
Director: Tobias Feltus

Synopsis: Conscious Life is a silent film which portrays the pain and delirium of love and tragedy. The short is presented as black and white, set in the late 1920s. The film shows a young photographer in his studio, haunted by the obsession of an unrequited love, and ensuing indifference towards his current lover. Waking from sleep in a dream-like sequence, his photograph on the wall and reality confuse their roles. Commissioned as a music video, the film is intertwined with the homonymous track by Aereogramme.