About The Marbella Film Festival

The Marbella Film Festival is the flagship project of New World Trust, an organisation created to provide support for talented artists across the globe.

Van Gogh cut off his ear. Artists are known for displaying their tempestuous passion for their craft. Oddly enough, despite this passion and often remarkable talent, artists find it difficult to emerge into the commercial world.

This is because most artists are left unequipped with the means and often the knowledge to have their talent appreciated, thus rendering success as an artist exceedingly difficult. Remember, in his life Van Gogh only sold ONE painting.

Access to capital or identifying the financial backers are often the hardest obstacle for artists wishing to embark upon an artistic venture.

The objective of the trust is to provide start up capital for independent art projects, offering hands on support in all commercial aspects. The support system includes assistance in marketing, project and financial management, business angles, agents and distribution networking, and trying to overcome any other obstacles which potentially hinder the artist’s ability to create.

All those involved harness their unique background of experience and expertise, not merely to create an ambitious programme, but to deliver this at the highest standard imaginable.

This website will be updated regularly as we break ground and further develop our database of contacts and services. Through our official website, customers, patrons and sponsors will always be notified of any festival news the moment it comes to fruition.

Should you need further information, have any questions, or simply wish to contact us, please use the details provided on our contact page.