The Marbella Film Festival is the flagship project of New World Trust , the charitable organisation created to provide support for talented young artists across the globe.

Patronage of the arts has been equally essential to its creation throughout art history; whether as a client or proprietor of a sponsoring company, patronage of the arts carries an implied status.

The opportunities provided by affiliation with an event such as Marbella Film Festival, where internationally reputed visitors and artists converge for a week of culture set in the luxurious Marbella and Puerto Banus, is an opportunity not to be missed.  It is unions of this nature which further enhance not only the traditionally venerated status of the patron, but the art itself.

The local micro market of Marbella is reputed to be among the most affluent in the world.  Marbella offers the finest luxuries available to its high profile residents and tourists. The opulence of Marbella naturally includes the quintessential sophistication derived by art and culture. The Marbella Film Festival hosts the gathering of international artists and patrons. These intellectual and artistic connoisseurs converge to enjoy the highest calibre display of international film, theatre, classical music, opera, visual art and music theatre in Marbella.  This cosmopolitan celebration of culture is supported by large international corporations, governmental bodies, tourist boards, airlines, radios & televisions, international media, and other generous patrons of artistic prosperity.

This project appeals to a large market.  Thus far the festival has attracted local sponsorship from a wide range of commercial fields.  Such sectors include: tourist board, hotels, clubs, restaurants, travel industry, sports facilities, fashion industry, luxury and life style goods, as well as one of the most lucrative businesses on the coast; real estate companies.

Internationally, delegates from participating countries provide support from their respective ministries of art & culture, tourist boards and commercial representatives of companies with interests in art, tourism, education, lifestyle etc.  Obviously this event works to attract representation from all commercial international companies who would like to enjoy the social benefits of association with this festival.

The sponsorship packages are individually tailored to suit all participants.  The Art and Trade Exhibition provide facilities for exhibitors to display their products and offer their services to visitors.  Those who visit Marbella are internationally reputed to possess the highest individual worth and buying powers, and are gathered from all over the globe for this prestigious event.

The exhibition stands are available in different sizes and locations to suit the unique requirements of different companies.

Individually sponsored events, such as gala nights or musical performances, promise to highlight the support of its most esteemed patrons in the manor and prestige that they are accustomed to.

To discuss the commercial opportunities and sponsorship benefits most suited to your requirements, please contact us on info@marbellafilmfestival.com.

The imperative coupling of art and commerce is made real by the Marbella Film Festival.  Artistic talent is given earned recognition from the commercial world, and simultaneously, businesses have the opportunity to promote art whilst promoting themselves to lucrative markets and future clientele.  The relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere which pervades the Marbella Film Festival is the perfect setting for the most affluent of individuals to fraternize with likeminded entrepreneurs.  Amongst everything else, the Marbella Film Festival offers the opportunity for the commercially motivated to meet and exchange business ideas in all genres of art, commerce and beyond.