Here is the full list of nominations and winners from the 2019 Marbella International Film Festival.


The nominations for the best Shorter Short Film

1. Duality Dream
2. Angel
3. Jewels

And the winner is: Angel


Genre: Adventure
Country of production: Ukraine
Language: Ukrainian
Year of production: 2019
Director: Serg Skobun
Length of film: 8 mins 35 Secs

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Two Angels. An experienced and wise angel conducts an internship for a young beginner. To do this, they are sent to Earth, to people where they travel through the city of X. Senior Angel leads the danger away of several people, which are connected by a number of circumstances and events. Among these people is the girl Darina. But it is necessary to pay for such salvation. The price is the life of one person – an elderly woman, Darina`s grandmother. Is this equal exchange? Beginner Angel finds the answers.


Dos ángeles. Un ángel experimentado y sabio realiza una pasantía para un joven principiante. Para hacer esto, son enviados a la Tierra, a las personas donde viajan a través de la ciudad de X. Senior Angel aleja el peligro de varias personas, que están conectadas por una serie de circunstancias y eventos. Entre estas personas está la niña Darina. Pero es necesario pagar por tal salvación. El precio es la vida de una persona: una anciana, la abuela de Darina. ¿Es este intercambio igual? Ángel principiante encuentra las respuestas.


The nominations for the best Short Film

1. Chrysalis
2. Andersen and the Jinn
3. Elder Walker

And the winner is: Chrysalis


Genre: Drama
Country of production: Argentina
Language: Spanish Credits (No Dialogue)
Year of production: 2018
Director: Luz Escobar
Length of film: 9 mins

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Portrait of a young girl in the phase before becoming a woman.


Retrato de una joven en la fase antes de convertirse en una mujer.


The nominations for the best Documentary:

1. Against the Tides
2. The Curse of Abundance
3. The Bridge to Paradise

And the winner is:  The Bridge to Paradise

The Bridge To Paradise

Genre: Documentary, War, Adventure
Country of production: South Korea, USA
Language: Mandarin, Arabic, English
Year of production: 2018
Director: Jianan Fan
Length of film: 114 mins

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In the summer of 2017, two Chinese filmmakers with four mobile phones, they start their journey from Cannes to Damascus. They are trying to present the current situation of refugees in the ‘post-refugee era’ as well as true situations in Syria.


En el verano de 2017, dos cineastas chinos con cuatro teléfonos móviles, comienzan su viaje de Cannes a Damasco. Están tratando de presentar la situación actual de los refugiados en la "era posterior a los refugiados", así como las situaciones reales en Siria.


The nominations for the best Supporting Actress:

1. Emily Wyatt for Rise of the Footsoldier: Spanish Heist
2. Laila Gimenez for Hospital for the Poor
3. Natalia Fesina for Angels

And the winner is: Emily Wyatt for Rise of the Footsoldier: Spanish Heist

Spanish Heist

Genre: Drama/Crime
Country of production: UK
Language: English
Year of production: 2019
Director: Andrew Loveday
Length of film: 90 mins

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Fresh out of prison, Pat Tate (Craig Fairbrass) steps right back into his Essex nightcl