Awards 2015


Here is the full list of nominations and winners from the 2015 Marbella International Film Festival.


The nominations for the best Animations (Presented by Charles Burns)

1. A Beat in The Forest
2. Bye Bye Dandelion
3. Daewit.

The winner is: Daewit (Received by Svetlana Axford, Director of Antivirus on behalf of the winner)


The nominations for the best Shorter Shorts (Presented by Ricardo Acevedo Moran the Assistant Director of H10 Andalucía Plaza Hotel)

1. Soledad
2. Party of Two
3. Changed Man

The winner is: Party of Two (Received by the Director of the film Eugenia Llaguno )


The nominations for the best Shorts: (Presented by Allan Bowley, also Allen T. presenter of TRE and Festival Judge)

1. In Another Life
2. Another Love
3. Anti Virus

The winner is: Another Love (Received by the Director of the film Victor Perez )


The nominations for the best Documentary: (Presented by Steven Euesden, Euro Weekly News )

1. Street Kids United
2. Silhouette Secrets
3. CE Trade Mark For Sale

The winner is: Street Kids United (Received by the producer of the film Conrad Alleblas)


The nominations for the best Story: (Presented by the TV celebrity and writer Nick Knowles)

1. Far too Far
2. Christmas Star
3. Dark Rome

The winner is: Far Too Far (Received by the writer director of the film Justin Hunt)


The nominations for the best Film Music (Presented by Michael Davenport, Hollywood music producer)

1. Antivarious
2. Christmas Star
3. Single in south Beach

The winner is: Single in South Beach (Received by Alex Itkin Director/Producer of the film)


The nominations for the Best Acting: (Presented by Elliot Wright, TV personality)

1. Bradley Monclova for Far too Far
2. Kevin Leslie for The Rise of the Krays
3. Yoshi Kuroiwa for Another life

The winner is: Kevin Leslie for The Rise of the Krays (Received by Kevin Leslie)

Best Director

The nominations for the Best Director (Presented by Andy Loveday the CEO of Carnaby International)

1. Solders of the Damned
2. Rise of the Krays
3. Arthur & Merlin

The winner is: Solders of the Damned (Received by the Producers Nigel Horne & Miriam Cooke)


The nominations for the best Feature Film (Presented by Oti Ga Diaz-Ambrona from Marbella Town Hall)

1. Soldiers of the Damned
2. Blood Orange
3. North V South

The winner is: North V South (Received by producers; Benjamin Foottit, Mark Foligno)

Below you’ll find the screening program for the 10th Marbella International Film Festival and the important dates that you just won’t want to miss.  Screenings will take place between 7th and 11th October 2015 at Teatro Goya Puerto Banus, Marbella.

You can download a web friendly low-res version of our 2015 screening brochure by clicking here.

Registration, Events, Workshops & Parties

  • Registration: Every day at H10 from 11.00 to 12.00 midday starting Wednesday 7th October
  • Networking event: coffee moorings every day at H10 from 11.00 to 12.00 midday.
  • Workshops: Every day at H10 from 12.00 to 13.00, please refer to workshops program
  • After Parties: 10pm Till Late
    • Thursday 8th October 2015. H10 Party. at Andalucía Hotel
    • Friday 9th October 2015. The glamour red carpet Party. Old Joys, front line Puerto Banus
    • Saturday 10th October. Festival Party, Lasala. Puerto Banus
  • Opening ceremony: Teatro Goya, Puerto Banus,6.00pm Wednesday 7th October (subject to change)
  • Awards ceremony cocktail reception: Sunday 11th October 7.30pm. H10 Andalucía plaza
  • Gala dinner awards ceremony: Sunday 11th October 8.30pm. H10 Andalucía plaza

Wednesday 7th October

6.00pm Opening Ceremony

Screen One

4.30pm – The Cart 76 min India
8.00pm – Far Too Far 120 min USA

Screen Two

4.00pm – True Smile (D) 82min Spain
5.00pm – Eternal (D) 25min Spain
8.00pm – Shorts Group B (8 films) 85 min

Thursday 8th October

Screen One

4.00pm – 30 – Love 100 min USA
6.00pm – Single in South Beach 90 min USA
8.00pm – Casual Encounter 100 min USA

Screen Two

4.00pm – CE Mark For Sale (D) 60min Nt
5.00pm – Street Kids (D) 97 min Brazil
7.00pm – Shorts Group C (6 films ) 100 min

Friday 9th October

Screen One

4.30pm – Soldiers of Damned 100min UK
6.30pm – Blood Orange 90 min UK
8.00pm – Rise of Krays 110 min UK

Screen Two

4.00pm – Shorts Group A (6 films) 101 min
6.00pm – The Dead Still Have Names (D) 80 min
7.30pm – The Judgment 110 min Germany/Bulgaria/Croatia/Macedonia

Saturday 10th October

Screen One

2.00pm – Justice & Co 86 min Spain
4.00pm – Rumbling 91min Czech
6.00pm – Arthur & Merlin 100 min UK
8.00pm – North vs South 100 min UK

Screen Two

2.00pm – Almost Friends 60 min Israel
3.00pm – Shorts Group B (8 film) 85 min
5.00pm – Box25 (D) 75 min Panama
6.00pm – In Another Life (S) 30min Japan
7.00pm – A Dark Rome 100 min Italy

Sunday 11th October

Screen One

2.00pm – Silhouette Secrets (D) 60 min UK
3.00pm – To Life (D) 95 min Germany
5.00pm – Shorts Group C (6 films) 100 min

Screen Two

2.00pm – Christmas Star 80 min UK
4.00pm – Shorts Group A (6 films) 101 min

Shorts Groups

Group A ( 6 films 94 min)

1. Stela 20 min Spain,
2. Ghost 25 min Spain
3. Entrepreneurs 26 min Spain
4. Any day now 20 min Spain
5. Bye bye dandelion (Anim) 3min UK

Group B ( 8 films 85 min)

1. Antivirus 23min Russia
2. Party of Two 15min Spain
3. Another love 20min UK
4. The Parting shot 6 min USA
5. Lost in escapade 15min Georgia/UEA
6. Peima belev (Anim) 6 min Israel

Group C ( 6 films 100 min)

1. Territorie 25 min France
2. Soldad 14 min Spain
3. Cinnamon 11 min UK
4. A changed man 10min UK
5. Centurion 7 min UK
6. Artificio Conceal 18 min USA
7. Daewit (Anim) 15 min Germany

Shorts 2015

Documentaries 2015

Features 2015

Animations 2015

Workshop Program

1. Making a successful Indie Film ( The American way)

Davenport-Hunt-SpeakersMichael Davenport & Justin Hunt 

12.00pm Thursday 8th October 2015. H10 Andalucía Plaza hotel.

Michael & Justin will be covering the American market for Indie film. If you are thinking of working or co-production in USA, this is not to be missed.

2. The producers View point, UK film Industry

Speaker-Mark-FolignoMark Foligno, executive producer of The Kings Speech

12.00pm Friday 10th October 2015 at H10 Andalucía Plaza hotel

Mark would discuss the UK film market and the opportunities created by tax schemes to make UK an attractive place to make film, but it is never that easy.

3. CROWDFUNDING and the how can it help you?

Speaker-Alex-TateAlex Tate

12.00pm Saturday 10th October 2015 at H10 Andalucía Plaza.

Alex Tate is a Writer, Producer, and Exec Producer, would talk about crowd funding and how It can raise that important cash element all finance packages needs

4. Sales & Distribution. The routes to market.

Speaker-Andy-LovedayAndrew Loveday – Carnaby International

12.00pm Sunday 11th October 2015 H10 Andalucía plaza.

Andrew Loveday, The CEO of Carnaby International will be updating the delegates on the market trends and talking about the routes to the market, how to fund a film, sell it and distribute it.

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