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The Fringes

The Marbella Film Festival is proud to offer Art at the Fringe as a supplementary programme to its central cinematic theme. The Art at the Fringe programme is an exciting potpourri of visual and performed artistic work.

Contemporary international painting, photography, sculpture and other forms of visual art will be exhibited throughout the festival venue. The artist will be available to discuss their artistic aesthetic philosophy and how this applies to their present work. Several of the pieces displayed at the festival will be available for purchase, thus rendering the Visual Art’s Fringe event an art gallery and exhibit simultaneously.

The Performance Art programme offers a multitude of productions; these productions include opera, classical music featuring both modern and classical instrumental work, theatre as well as musical theatre and dance belonging to various cultures and genres. The repertoire performed will be a reflection of the festival itself; and showcase a broad spectrum of performance art as interpreted by different cultures.

Fashion and jewellery shows will be presented by some of the most talented designers and promise to add to the glamour and grandeur of our fringe programme. The showcase of works of modern architecture offers construction connoisseurs and lifestyle enthusiasts the opportunity to look through the key hole of some of the most glamorous homes in Marbella.

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